WEBINAR - Success Factors & Pitfalls of scaling your Company through Acquisitions

We were lucky to have Brice Le Blevennec for this uman webinar. Not only did we get a huge cache of useful information, but he really touched on some of the pain points we are trying to solve with uman.

In this webinar, Brice Le Blevennec, a highly recognised entrepreneur in the tech landscape, and Charles Boutens, founder and CEO of uman, discuss how Emakina Group has scaled so strongly as an agency for 20 years to a group of over 1,200 employees.

One of the forces of this exponential growth was their global buy and build strategy through which dozens of acquisitions have been made over the past decades. We look at how Emakina handled this successfully, what the pitfalls were and what the impact was on the organization, the services and its people. An important fact we will be discussing is how knowledge was handled and shared.

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February 2023
Charles Boutens