Introducing the Slack app

April 2, 2020


Jasper Verplanken, co-founder

Probably the most requested feature out there...

It's here and it's awesome.

Probably the most requested feature out there. It's been a long time coming but we're now ready to launch it to the big crowd.

Add a link to a channel and will ask you to add it to your active workspace.

Couldn't be easier.

How does it work?

Couldn't be easier.

If you add a link to a channel there will be a short message from asking you to add that link to your workspace.

But... But how?

If you're the owner of a Slack workspace, you can add from the Slack App Directory. In the Slack sidebar, tap on "Apps" and search for "" in the App Directory.

Now you can add the app to any channel you'd like. Chances are you'll want to add it in team channels that use or even #general, #interesting, #readinglist, #knowledgesharing, you get the picture.

How does it know it's me?

The first time you'll add a link will ask you to authenticate you. Upon clicking, you'll see a secure webpage where can verify that this Slack app can add content to

Adding content?

Drop a link in a channel where the app is added and see the magic happen ;-)

For who?

For everyone. It's part of our free version (we recently launched, read the announcement here)


It's part of our journey to connect all knowledge that flows within and across teams.

Knowledge should be able to flow free. And it's wasted unshared.

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