May I introduce to you: l&d curated

July 3, 2020


Jasper Verplanken, co-founder

An unconventional way to connect L&D professionals


Let's step up to the challenge.

There's so much good stuff being written and shared in L&D. So much awesome resources and initiatives.

So much to learn, in Learning.

And yet, why is there no substantial "one-stop-shop" for all good things L&D has on offer right now?

Time to step up our game. Time to start creating. Together.

We want to grow a collective brain for L&D. It's critical knowledge that's wasted unshared.



Why this, why now?

There's so much happening in L&D, it's almost impossible to keep track.

πŸ’» We all have to start learning remotely
πŸ€— We all have a deep desire to connect with colleagues working elsewhere
⛲️ We all miss our watercooler L&D conversations
πŸ‘‹ We miss our meetups and our network events.

But we shouldn't be so hard for ourselves. There's a better way to connect this great community.

It's time to connect like-minded people, cross-border, cross-organisation in a collective brain we can all make use of. Open and free.


Core principles of L&D.curated

There are a few core principles:

πŸ“– Open. Inspiration and practical advice on L&D should be available to anyone.
πŸ™ Free. Knowledge this important should be able to flow free.
πŸ’Ž Curated. Through the power of social learning, we can create a repository of high-quality learning content.





How will it work?

Of course, it will be powered by as the central hub to connect all relevant content. Members can contribute easily through our browser extension in one single button.

We will support conversation as well, probably via Slack.

We're launching this community as part of our free product offering. Users entering the platform will be able to select this workspace when creating an account.



You can apply for early access to this L&D community. Drop Jasper a line, you can find him here or on LinkedIn.

Expected launch for the wide audience is expected in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know.


The future

This isn't just about the content. It's about the process of bringing awesome people together. We have some great news on an awesome partnership that we can't wait to tell you all about.

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