Our september update is live and it's amazing

September 30, 2020


Jasper Verplanken, co-founder

Here's what we did last summer. This one is about workspaces, collections and giving even more control to our users.

Changes to the web app (live now)

Fresh redesign
Notice the fresh, slick and sharp redesign? This will allow us to ship new features easier and with fewer bugs 🎉 See anything you don't like? Let us know!

Knowledge tree in the sidebar
In the sidebar, you will rediscover a new knowledge tree with your workspaces and collections. You can now create workspaces in a few clicks. Very helpful when working with clients, freelancers, one-off projects or communities.

Public and private collections
Sometimes, you want everyone that joins a workspace to have immediate access to the knowledge they need. On your request, we have added public collections. These collections are visible to everyone. A new permissions system can fine-tune who can collaborate on its content.
Private collections are used to keep a personal list of content and share it with a list of users.

Sub collections
A company has a variety of teams. Each of those teams has a variety of topics they work on. We want to support this, allowing collections to have sub-collections. Try it yourself, you can now add collections in collections.

When creating collections you want to keep the structure tidy and clean. But accidents happen. To make sure it doesn't happen too often, we introduced permissions. With smart default and finer levels of control.

Changes in the extension and plug-ins (coming soon)

Improved search
We keep on developing our algorithm and it's become better and better. You'll now see better and more relevant suggestions with almost zero unintentional appearances.

Slack and MS Teams app now available in the app stores
We're now featured by Slack and Microsoft in their respective app stores! Go to your favourite chat app and look for via the search bar. Using with chat is a magical experience that allows saving links and threads. You can also answer a question with content. A true productivity booster.

You can now use within GDrive, Confluence, Medium, Youtube, and many more. These "widgets" can help you add content faster and give you better suggestions in your flow of work. Comes with full customisation, of course.

We removed a whole lot of permissions in our extension. We didn't need those and a few users pointed this out to us. Thank you for the feedback and enjoy an even more privacy-first experience.

And it works...
Oh yes. We now see a 10x increase in knowledge shared when they onboarded. Workspaces have seen up to a 20% hit rate on our search suggestions after the recent updates.

Looks good, doesn't it?

But the proof is in the eating of the pudding. Get in touch to get the full picture.

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