News and HRPro announce a partnership

September 29, 2020


Jasper Verplanken, co-founder wants to contribute to the further development of HR in Belgium. They do this through the annual conference, in addition to the many sessions offered by the associations that are members of Because stands for collaboration, a platform was also sought to enable social learning. That platform was found at and the association for HR professionals in Belgium are happy to announce their partnership.

Lifelong learning

The HR community has so much in-house knowledge and experience that it is a shame that we would not open it up. Thanks to we can now share information and knowledge en masse. The conversations with predate the corona crisis, but it is clear that digital learning support for HR is a solution. In doing so, we also set an example for others, says David Ducheyne, chairman of Now that we have to work more remotely, and knowledge sharing is suffering from this anyway, we have to look for other ways to keep learning. Ducheyne points out that the theme of the annual HRPro conference was lifelong learning. Corona canceled this conference and replaced it with a number of initiatives, including this one.

A perfect solution for communities

Jasper Verplanken, co-founder of puts it this way: For us, the collaboration between and HRPRO is the perfect answer to the challenges that communities face today: sharing insights into these home working times, in an intuitive way. and accessible way.

We immediately found a common basis: namely that knowledge sharing can and must be organised differently in these times. For a large community like HRPRO, we are happy to do our bit to organise knowledge sharing smoothly and efficiently. Knowledge must be able to flow freely, without obstacles and across the walls.

We are extremely grateful that we can help build this vision and that we can also make our personal expertise in knowledge sharing available to all members of HRPRO via the platform.

3500 professionals will use to share their expertise

In concrete terms, the 3,500 HR professionals who will have the opportunity to share knowledge via the platform through the 9 affiliated associations. Expertise is gradually built up and shared.

About was founded in 2016 and includes, in addition to the 9 member organizations (VHR, Personeelsclub West-Vlaanderen, HR Lab, VOV, VOCAP, ProHR, HR Public, Epsilon, PMC), three partner organizations (VBO, VDAB and Forem).

More info on

The full press release in French and Dutch can be found here.

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