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Ghent - Belgium

Machine Learning Engineer

This is it, looking for a machine learning (ML) engineer to join our talented core team.

Job Responsibilities

We're looking for someone:

✓ Who loves being in love with the problem

✓ Preferably with a background in computer science or equivalent experience or self-study

✓ Who has basic understanding of machine learning concepts

✓ Who takes ownership, gets things done and wants to change the world.

✓ Adores a challenge that comes along with a high-traction startup.

What's in it for you:

✓ Competitive salary (no startup hassle BS)

✓ Real world impact

✓ Equity

Team and atmosphere:

✓ Highly driven and dynamic team

✓ Awesome offices near Gent Sint Pieters (pingpong table, nerve guns, standing desks, coffee, ...)

✓ Direct communication

✓ Proper team building activities! (surf trips to Fuerteventura, cycling in Vlaamse Ardennen, carting, ...)

The tech stack you’ll love:


Python, microservices, API first, SQL, Docker, git

AI/ML stuff

NLP, Information Retrieval, taxonomy and knowledge graphs, Elasticsearch, Transformer models, Spacy, web scraping...

add your own touch!


Google Cloud Platform (= superpowers): Cloud Run / Vertex AI / PubSub / BigQuery / etc, Terraform, Github Pipelines

You know, the latest technology ‘n shizz.

What you’ll be working on? It’s called uman and it will change how we work with information in the next decade.

You’ll be improving and building on the foundation of our consulting enablement platform that exists today: a platform that enables people and teams to reach their full potential and unlock their expertise.

Job Requirements

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