AI powerhouse ML6 uses the uman AI solution to scale their proposal and pitch process aiming to grow faster and on a global scale.

About ML6

ML6 is a machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) consulting company that accelerates customer value by building custom state-of-the-art solutions. Leveraging over 100 AI specialists and ML engineers across Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, ML6 is trusted by global players in the retail & e-commerce, manufacturing, media, healthcare, and financial services industries.

The challenge

ML6 is a fast-growing company, adding more than 100 employees spread across four countries in just six years. Consisting of a team of 10 sales consultants and five pre-sales consultants, the company’s offering requires deep customization and technical know-how. The qualitative pre-sales process is strategic and detailed but also the source of the major bottleneck hindering sustainable growth. Lots of time is wasted reinventing the wheel, chasing information, and supporting sales, all of which make it difficult for individuals to focus on their own KPIs.

The objective

  • Increase efficiency of the pre-sales team
  • Deliver consistency in the quality of delivered proposals and materials
  • Give sales the tools to be more self-serving
  • Achieve more accurate project scoping

ML6 required an intelligent search layer because it had access to plenty of the necessary building blocks for its solution, including a host of key insights, but they were often hard to find and reuse. The company needed an easy way to manage content quality and remove outdated versions. Adding (another) tool was not the answer, as past experiences had shown that people did not change their habits.

The solution

By connecting with ML6’s current toolset (Google Drive, Google Chat, and Hubspot CRM), Uman’s smart search layer makes ML6’s existing building blocks instantly findable and reusable. Following a joint execution program on a limited content set for ML6’s Belgium office, the tangible benefits (over 65% more relevant results when compared with MS Sharepoint search) became clear. Uman was rolled out across the entire ML6 enterprise in less than one month.

The results

Working with Uman, ML6 was able to construct a more efficient and consistent pre-sales process to further accelerate company growth.

  • Time wasted searching for information was reduced by 50%
  • Time to answer proposals was reduced by 33%
  • Onboarding of new people reduced by one week
  • Opportunity win rates increased by 6%
higher opportunity win-rate
2 weeks
faster onboarding
faster proposal answering
Opportunity Win Rates
Global companies rely on uman to unlock the full potential of their sales team