We're on a mission to help every individual and team reach their full potential

In our personal lives, information is one click away, but inside the walls of most organisations we still encounter a very different story.

Your company knowledge is trapped in various siloed systems and in the heads of your employees. It’s preventing you, your team and your entire organisation from learning from each other, sharing knowledge effectively, and reaching your full potential.

The right expertise is probably already available within your company. You just need to get it out of those siloed systems and in the hands of the people who need it.
This is exactly what we are solving.

Meet some of our exceptional (h)umans

Charles Boutens
CEO & Founder
Louis Lenaerts
Head of growth & Co-founder
Sven Degroote
CTO & Co-founder
Frederic Torrekens
Head of Product
Moïse Gomma
Search engineer
Stijn Tratsaert
Software engineer
Lukas Carton
Software engineer
Ben Burtenshaw
NLP engineer
Jan De Schepper
Advisory board
Aimé Lyagre
Advisory board
Matthias Feys
Advisory board
Nicolas Deruytter
Advisory board
Filip Descamps
Advisory board
Sam Vanhoutte
Advisory board
Ben Rieder
Advisory board

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We're constantly looking for exceptional (h)umans to join our mission. If you feel inspired by our story and want to contribute in helping people and teams reach their full potential, feel free to reach out.