The preferred AI assistant for SAP Consulting Firms

We are working with several SAP partners and noticed they were all struggling with the same issues you might have:

  • Lack of efficiency in searching for cases and best practices
  • Difficulties in connecting internal experts to close deals
  • Losing momentum due to chasing and waiting for info
  • Quality issues due to outdated knowledge and assets

Finding the right information was a long- winded process, making them lose time and deals. Until uman came in.

scattered and siloed information

recognized impact from using the uman solution

Reduced cost thanks to
"buy instead of build"
Time saving thanks to
improved search efficiency
Faster onboarding of
new hires

Connect All Your Tools

Connect all your tools and access what you need when you need it. From your Sharepoint drive and CRM to product data and training materials. Our solution automatically catalogs and tags your existing content, organizing it for search and re-use by all teams.

smart filters to find what you need
be relevant in every sales call

Augment findability of all company knowledge using AI

Go beyond file names. With uman you can find use cases, experts, slides, and text snippets instantly. Reuse individual slides, align with internal experts and build reports and presentations in no time. The instant access to relevant information and resources makes you more efficient and lessens frustration.


Build your reports and presentations without re-inventing the wheel

Choose this tool to create your documents much faster with accurate and up-to-date data. Don't re-invent the wheel - the AI assistant can do the heavy lifting for you. Re-use slides, pages or snippets from previous work, delivered to you by the AI assistant.

create proposals much faster
be relevant in every sales call

Create Proposals Much Faster

We also have your sales team covered. It's a proven tool to create proposals much faster. Leverage your team's collective knowledge to create proposals that are comprehensive and get results. Let the AI assistant can do the heavy lifting for you an maximize your input.


Ready to tame the chaos and increase the efficiency of your knowledge management?

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