Scale your presales & bid capability to improve your win-rates

Uman is a smart search layer added to your tools that provides your team with the relevant content and internal experts automatically and without effort - all within your existing workflow.

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Higher opportunity
Faster answering of proposals
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Why there is chaos in presales and bid teams

Uman customers who bought our product were previously experiencing:

  • Chasing colleagues asking for the right input
  • Unable to find information
  • No time for strategic direction in presales and bid teams
  • Nearly impossible to bring new colleagues up to speed

Finding the necessary information was a long- winded process making you lose time, momentum and winnable deals. Until Uman came in.

Scale your presales & bid team in no time with Uman’s featured capabilities

With Uman, your presales and bid team will reduce their deadline stress, improve sales and move towards a more strategic workflow where output is more consistent, efficient and of a higher quality.

1. Find and reuse the best cases, proposals and experts to close the deal

Find cases, proposals and other assets across the organisation

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2. No more outdated or off-brand content

Analyze, label and manage content quality at scale.

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3. Find and reuse your best slides and build new pitch decks in seconds

Unlock new possibilities with your existing content instead of reinventing the wheel.

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4. Find & reuse the best snippets and draft proposals in minutes

Start from the best building blocks instead of reinventing the wheel.

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How these commercial teams fuelled their growth

Translating client needs into tailored technical solutions

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With Uman we increased our win-rate with 6% and built a scalable pitch and proposal process

Jens Bontynck
Head of presales

With Uman we saw a 25% speedup in answering incoming proposals and building new pitch presentations.

Dennis De Cat
Managing Director

Ready to tame the chaos and increase your revenue? 

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