Be more relevant in every conversation and improve your win-rates

Uman is a smart search layer added to your tools that empowers your team with the relevant content and internal experts, automatically and without effort - directly in your workflow.

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Higher opportunity
More cross-sell opportunities identified
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Why sales teams are too internal focused

Uman customers who bought our product were previously experiencing:

  • Lack of efficiency in searching for cases and best practices
  • Losing momentum due to chasing and waiting for information
  • Quality issues due to outdated knowledge and assets
  • Difficulties in connecting internal experts to close deal opportunities

Finding the necessary information was a long- winded process making you lose time, momentum and winnable deals. Until Uman came in.

Improve your win-rates in no time with Uman’s featured capabilities

With Uman, your commercial team can spend maximum time generating pipeline instead of searching for necessary information.

1. Simplify prospecting on LinkedIn

Find relevant content and insights based on your prospect’s profile and interests directly from their LinkedIn profile page.

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2. Find and reuse the best cases, proposals and experts to close the deal

Instantly find the content that you need to help your client.

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3. Find and reuse the best slides and build new pitch decks in seconds

Unlock new possibilities with your existing content instead of reinventing the wheel.

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4. Be relevant in every sales call

Find the most relevant cases and materials during the call in real-time. Based on a reliable transcription.

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How these commercial teams fuelled their growth

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A 6% higher opportunity win-rate and a scalable pitch and proposal process

Jens Bontynck
Head of sales

After connecting our portfolio of brands, we were able to identity 3x more cross-sell opportunities

Dennis De Cat
Managing Director

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