Find and reuse expertise instantly

Don’t let your expertise remain buried under a mass of operational complexity. Use Uman’s smart search to leverage your team’s knowledge and skills.

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Find and reuse expertise instantly

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Find cases, proposals and other assets across the organisation

Instantly find the content and expertise that you need.

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Smart search and filters that truly understand your context

Look beyond file name and keywords to unlock the most relevant content.

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Find the expert

Uman automatically recognizes your subject matter experts based on the documents and projects they've worked.

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Smart previews of the relevant slides and pages

Stop digging for that one slide or paragraph. Uman finds the exact snippet you need for you.

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Find and reuse the best slides and build new presentations in seconds

Unlock new possibilities with your existing content instead of reinventing the wheel.

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Find & reuse the best snippets and draft proposals in minutes

Start from the best building blocks instead of reinventing the wheel.

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What our clients say

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6% higher win-rate for ML6

Finding information and keeping it up to date was becoming a major bottleneck to build a scalable presales process. With uman everyone can access and reuse our best content instantly, so we can deliver consistent high quality proposals faster.

Jens Bontynck
Head of presales

3x more cross-sell opportunities across our portfolio of brands

We've grown quickly through acquisitions. But integrating the knowledge from the different companies was a big challenge. With uman we can share knowledge at scale across the different brands, without impacting the individual DNA of each company.

Dennis De Cat
Managing Director

Efficient knowledge sharing across countries

Finding information was becoming a bottleneck for growth efficiently. People were reinventing the wheel and senior people were overwhelmed with questions. With uman our consultants can share knowledge fluently across different countries without changing the way they work.

Louis Lammertyn