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Find Company Knowledge and Internal Experts as easily as searching Google

The intelligent search solution for knowledge driven teams that searches across all your collaboration tools

Powerful filters

Gain insights, expand or narrow down your search using intelligent filtering on topic, industry, client, document type and much more.
Presales engineer • ML6
Filtering down results to only show cases or proposals in a certain industry is so easy. I even use the filters to get a quick view on the type of projects we've done in different industries before starting a new proposal. A huge difference with the endless digging through our Drive folders.

Search inside documents

quickly preview the most relevant slides or paragraphs
Senior consultant • Upthrust
A lot of times I'm not looking for a full presentation, I just want one slide with a specific project deliverable or case study. uman really understands this and retrieves exactly the right slide.

Find internal experts

No more manually updating resumes or skills sheets. Find the people who can help you based on what they're working on.
Marketing consultant • THoM
As a new joiner working remote it's hard to get to know all your colleagues. With uman I can make use of all the expertise we have in the team, without having to ask 10 times.

Reuse with ease

Combine the most relevant
slides across different decks -even pdf formats - and create new presentations
without reinventing the wheel 

COO • Hincio
Instead of opening 10 different presentations looking for one or two good slide, I just hold shift and fill my shopping basket with all the relevant slides I want to reuse. Talk about game changers.

Smart permissions

Enable knowledge sharing across business units like never before, search across siloed folders without changing your permission system.
MD • Customer collective
Our teams are organised by country and offering. Before uman it was hard to know what was going on in other business units which resulted in a lot of missed upsell opportunities. Now everyone can find knowledge across teams, without changing the way they work.

Browser plugin

No more reinventing the wheel. Smart suggestions right where and when you need them, directly in your flow of work.
AI consultant • ML6
Before starting a new project, I often do research on Google, not knowing that we have already done something similar in the past. With the browser plugin I get smart suggestions so I don't have to start from scratch.

Team activity and collaboration

Personalised and relevant results based on which content is actively being worked on by your team
Senior consultant • Kirkman
Whenever I search in Sharepoint I only get the outdated content that's not being used anymore. With uman, the top results are always the fresh ones my team is actively working on.
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Integrates seamlessly with your team's collaboration tools

No need to upload documents, change processes or tools. uman connects all the tools your team is already using, out of the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between uman and Sharepoint or Google Drive search?
A LOT. SharePoint and Google Drive have built-in search functionality. However, they will only search on a file level, which isn’t very helpful if you’re in search of one slide. uman searches on individual slides. On top of that our AI algorithms are specifically designed to serve the search use cases within the professional services industry and truly understand your data and your search intent.
Do we need to have clean and organised data and meta-data?
NO. uman uses artificial intelligence in many parts of the application, from interpreting your query to understanding and auto-tagging your content. Our algorithms are designed specifically for the professional services industry, with dedicated models for topic recognition, expert identification, content classification and even organisation and industry recognition. It’s the 21st century after all, so why still tag things manually?
Where do you store our data?
In the European Union. We make use of  the Google Cloud Platform to provide our services. Original files always remain on your source systems. uman doesn’t delete or upload any files. To sync the files between your systems and uman, a secure connection with limited read permissions is set up through OAuth.
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