Reuse company knowledge and deliver projects in record time

When using uman's AI assistant, you can instantly find the content you need, accurate and up to date for the task at hand.

Global companies rely on uman to unlock the full potential of their sales team

It's time for consulting
to change

Finding the right information was for many a long- winded process making consultants lose time and money. Until uman came in.

Organize knowledge in no time with uman

Reduced cost on content creation
per week saved by consultants
3 weeks
Faster onboarding of new hires

Augment findability of all company knowledge, using AI.

Go beyond file names. With uman you can find use cases, experts, & slides instantly across all your tools. Reuse individual snippets, align with internal experts and build content in no time.

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Instant Access

Access your knowledge instantly across all your existing systems. No need to switch applications.

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No missing Knowledge

Spot & close knowledge gaps between your teams with in depth analysis done by our AI solution.

Verified knowledge every step of the way.

man's AI assistant let's you automatically manage content quality and confidentiality at scale. Your team always uses verified knowledge.

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Always up to date

Immediately find the most up to date knowledge across all drives and applications. This you're always on-brand, on-topic and on the ball.

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Quality & Confidentiality

Get access to the content that is approved, has proven its use by your colleagues or across teams. No more wondering if that one slide is under NDA or not.

Build your reports & presentations without Reinventing the wheel

Choose this tool to create your documents much faster with accurate and up-to-date data. Don't re-invent the wheel - the AI assistant can do the heavy lifting for you. Re-use slides, pages or snippets from previous work, delivered to you by the AI assistant.

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AI driven knowledge management

The uman AI assistant scans, catalogs and structures existing knowledge, so you just have to choose, adapt to your needs and create the best content possible.

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Reusable Content

Build quality presentations faster reusing the best building blocks and slides you have access to. Our content sensitive PowerPoint add-in guides the way.

What our clients say.

Dennis De Cat

Customer Collective

With uman our consultants can deliver projects and trainings up to 25% faster

Sander Kloppenburg


We've seen a positive impact on the delivered project quality, especially for new joiners.