Upgrade your current knowledge management systems & processes

Uman's AI assistant is the smart search layer added to your existing tools that empowers your team with the relevant content and internal experts. Existing uman customers were struggling with:

  • Knowledge trapped in silos and spread across many tools
  • Inefficient teamworking and people reinventing the wheel
  • Lack of discipline of teams to follow document processes
  • High dependency on knowledge management towards a few senior colleagues who know everything.

Finding the right information could be a long- winded process making teams lose time and causing frustration. Until uman came in.

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Organize knowledge in no time with Uman’s featured capabilities

Reduced cost thanks to
"buy instead of build"
Time saving thanks to
improved search efficiency
Less time spent on
system maintenance

Keep your systems, make them smarter

Uman works with the Document Management, CRM and Communication System of your choice. We make them smart and maximize the ROI of your current investments. Don't worry about quality and confidentiality, you stay at the steering wheel the whole time.


Find and reuse knowledge and expertise instantly

Go beyond file names. With uman you can find use cases, experts, slides, and text snippets instantly. Reuse individual slides, align with internal experts and build presentations in seconds - across brands and labels.


Plug your team's knowledge into your workflow

Nothing is as annoying as introducing yet another tool. Our AI assistant is different. Uman is self-learning and doesn’t require any setup or maintenance from your team. Use our plugin for Powerpoint for example to make company knowledge move freely within your workflow.


Ready to tame the chaos and increase the efficiency of your knowledge management? 

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