Answer client questions without asking the experts

Are you (and your internal experts) getting tired of always having to forward client questions? With the help of umanGPT and access to your existing company information, you get an instant answer to help out your customer.

time saved for internal SME's
reduced time on content creation
3 weeks
Faster onboarding of new hires

Work with a 360o view of your customer

Do you have all the knowledge to answer ad hoc questions from your clients? Make sure you have the basic information at your fingertips with uman. The solution has a full 360o view of the client, their market, challenges, installed base and even stakeholders.

Leads Database - Dataplus X Webflow Template

complete client profile

uman builds a thorough profile by using internal & external data sources and generative AI.

CRM - Dataplus X Webflow Template

stakeholder overview

Using umanGPT, the uman system can tell you who the stakeholders are and what their role is in the company.

Retrieve all internal expert knowledge instantly

Your company's SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are in high demand. Referring to them every time, puts stress on the organization. Have the uman AI get the relevant information to you fast and ready for use.

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relevant expert knowledge at your fingertips

Don't waste time searching for the right info. With uman you get a first answer for your customer in an instant.

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match expert info with customer data

Get your hands on a relevant answer that is suited to your clients and their needs. No guessing.

Find the internal experts that can help you

Next to a quick & relevant answer, you also get the details of the SME you need to reach out to for the full explanation. He or she will already have a headsup prepared by the AI to make their input more impactful.

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Connect SME's with company knowledge

The uman AI will create a structure list of internal experts that are able to help you out.

Get instantly connected

Get the expert details and a way to get in contact directly from within the uman solution.