Take your proposal building to the 21st century

Break silos. Stop reinventing the wheel.
Find and reuse relevant information, reference cases and building blocks across your tools in seconds.

  • Searches across your existing tools
  • No setup and no manual work
  • Plugs directly into your workflow
Helping leading consulting companies build winning proposals in record time

The old way of manual information sharing is killing your proposal efficiency

Consulting has changed. With clients expecting more, growing competition and a recession around the corner, you need to do more with less...

But as your team grows, sharing information becomes complex and inefficient. This puts pressure on your win-rates while growing presales costs are eating your margins.

Discover the new way for a Smart Proposal Experience

Connect your tools, let AI do the heavy lifting and get instant access to your team’s collective brain. Start building winning proposals based on your team's best building blocks, up-to-date and complete information.

Our clients can’t imagine life without uman, either

Our clients tried everything before swithing to uman - renaming folders, buildings intranets, powerpoint templates, reference sheets... Nothing worked.

Switching to uman was like night & day.

Lightweight and easy to integrate

No extra tools. No endless setups. No fuss. uman seamlessly integrates with your current ways of working to empower all of your employees – with no setup or maintenance work required.

Get amazing results,
out of the box

Teams use uman to increase revenue, save time and cut costs - from day one.

6% higher proposal win-rates

More complete offers & references, higher proposal quality and sales momentum

9% higher avg. deal sizes

More cross-sell opportunities thanks to full visibility in offerings, references & knowledge across BUs.

25% faster proposal building

Higher reuse of existing materials and less time searching & waiting for answers.

3 weeks faster onboarding

With instant access to collective knowledge, seniors are no longer the bottleneck.

10% lower presales cost

Higher reuse of existing materials less reinventing the wheel reduces workload in presales tracks.

8% higher

Offloading architects, PMs and senior consultants so they can spend more time on client work

Ready for the future of proposal building?

Unlock your team's knowledge. Get up and running in less than one week.