Find company knowledge and internal experts as easily as searching on Google is the search solution for knowledge driven teams that connects with your collaboration tools and helps you find the internal experts and knowledge so you can be more productive, learn faster and stay competitive

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How many hours has your team wasted searching knowledge or reinventing the wheel?

In our personal lives, information is one click away. But inside the walls of most organisations we still encounter a very different story. Knowledge is your team’s most valuable asset, so why is it locked away and hard to access?

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Content is siloed in document management systems

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Multiple systems and tools
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Outdated and duplicate folders
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Bad keyword search
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Content is drowning in exploding chat channels

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If you didn’t see it, it’s lost forever
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Not part of the right channel? Out of luck
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Notification & information overload
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Content is hiding in the heads of experts

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No one looks at competence sheets
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Identifying real-time experts is impossible
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How to make them findable across your teams

Stop losing time and money. A team of 100 people can lose up to €200k every year

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Productivity loss
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Missed revenue
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Longer onboarding times
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People leaving the company
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Competitive edge
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Unhappy customers
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Our knowledge was spread across chat, intranet and our company wiki.

Seniors were drowning in questions and every time I saw someone had reinvented the wheel again, I died a little inside.

We were thinking to restructure our knowledge base or better train our people to keep things organised. But it’s hard to change the habits of people and we didn’t want yet another tool...

Avatar of Sven Degroote, Knowledge Manager at ML6
Sven Degroote
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It all starts with bringing your siloed content together in one place

Sync content, files, urls, messages and experts from your existing knowledge base and company wikis. We’ll make sure access rights and permissions are imported for maximum data security.

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Find experts, topics and skill resumes in your team with our AI-powered search

Our advanced search will allow you to search for experts and content on any topic in your company as well as map out real-time skill resumes on team members.

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Measure what your team is learning

So what is “knowledge” anyways? This is how we look at it: Relevant content, people with the right expertise and the topics linking them together.  But manually tagging content, maintaining expert lists and updating company skills is a tedious task. So why not let AI do it for you?

New & trending topics
Knowledge gaps
Internal experts
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Oh one more thing, access company knowledge directly in your flow of work

Let content, experts and topics find you in Google or when you’re browsing the web by using our browser plugin. Available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge

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Smart suggestions when searching Google

Doing research on Google when learning a new skill? Or maybe you're trying to find a solution to a nasty bug?

Our browser plugin now allows for your internal and external company knowledge to come up in Google Search results.

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Recommended content on any webpage

Creating a presentation, reading an article on a new topic or maybe you're writing a client proposal.

Tap into the knowledge of your teams with one click in your browser and find all related content to help you on your way.

See how other leading companies have used to put their resources to use

Testimonial by Sven Degroote of ML6
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Our team went from sharing a handful of items per week to over 40 items

We used to share content only via chat but this is way more intuitive with so my team ends up sharing a lot more than they used to.

Sven Degroote
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Charles here, CEO of! Let me tell you about a new way for knowledge management

In our personal lives, information is one click away, but inside the walls of most organisations we still encounter a very different story.

Your company knowledge is trapped in siloed systems and in the heads of your employees. It’s preventing you, your team and your entire organisation from learning from each other and reaching your full potential.

The right expertise is probably already available within your company. You just need to get it out of those siloed systems and in the hands of the people who need.

With, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Our CEO, Charles Boutens
Charles Boutens

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