Don't rely on Google Search. Use your own knowledge to make a difference.

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Available in Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Your current workflow is chaotic

Can you even count the tools that contain company knowledge?

Whether you're using Drive, Dropbox, Docs, Confluence, Teams, Slack, Medium, etc. They all contain valuable company info that no human being is able to locate.

Not a new tool. simply combines company knowledge in one, seamless experience.

A simple browser extension adds internal and external knowledge to your most-used tool in your company: Google Search.

Sharing and collaborating on content on the browser

Before, employees would spend over 7h per week searching for information.

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“A collaborative bookmarking tool on steroids, just what we needed for our teams.”

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Xander Vansteenbrugge

Head of AI Research

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“Since we launched, our #interesting Slack channels are empty.”

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Tijs Balcaen

Open Knowledge and Innovation Manager

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“The way connects skills, content and people is such an elegant solution to a complex problem.”

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Matthias Feys


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You own your data

We won't sell it, we only show aggregated results

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Data is encrypted and accessible only via our servers

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Helping teams is our only business model

Testimonial: Xander Steenbrugge

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In order to keep our edge as a team of leading AI developers, we need a scalable and reliable way to share knowledge. does exactly what we needed.

With, we’re building self learning teams.Our experts can now share their knowledge knowing that it will reach their colleagues without them losing their productivity and focus.

Xander Steenbrugge

Head of AI Research

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