Your Team’s Knowledge delivered to you whenever you need it

A knowledge sharing solution that helps you find the knowledge you need directly in your workflow.
Works directly within Google, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more


Honestly, is this the best way to
Manage Knowledge within your Team?

So... What if we just?


A Knowledge Sharing Solution for the Future of Work helps your team find the knowledge they need in their workflow. works as a smart assistant connecting all the tools your team is already using.
No setup time, no learning curve.

Turn your company’s scattered content
into Knowledge

Stop reinventing the wheel.
With the knowledge in your company finds you.

All your Knowledge
Centralized and easily discoverable in the most intuitive browsing experience

No more outdated or duplicate content.
Monitor Content Quality &
Turn Information into Knowledge

Measure What Your Team is Learning (Or Not Learning)

Wether you invested in some training or you want your team to keep your team always up-to-date there’s finally a way to measure it!

What we can measure

Productivity and efficiency gains

ROI estimated in time saved based on successful knowledge suggestions

Internal experts

Experts identified based on skills extracted from consumed and shared content.

Weekly-monthly-yearly skills reports

Detailed skill insights in the skills maturity throughout your team.

Knowledge gaps

Knowledge gaps per topic identified based on content demand and supply.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Unlike other tools we don’t store your data such as browser history, deleted files, conversations, search queries and many other things.

We are fully compliant


Teams all over the world are already using
to Learn Better & Faster

Our team went from sharing a handful of items per week to over 20 items with

We used to share content only via chat but this is way more intuitive with so my team ends up sharing a lot more than they used to.

Now we finally have one tool that has all of our knowledge fully organised and accessible at all times

Before it felt like our content was spread across 10 different tools that didn’t speak to each other...

Someone left the company but we still use his research to onboard new employees a lot faster

He was the only one that has expertise in Machine Learning, luckily with, all that knowledge was captured and can be used forever.

We used to waste 5hrs/week searching for stuff we already had documented internally. completely prevents that. It’s so handy that suggests the relevant content whenever I need it, without changing workflows!

We created a knowledge base for clients and now they even want to pay us for it! shared collections make it easy to share knowledge not only internally, but also with customers. is the perfect tool to support knowledge sharing in our competence centers!

We already had some competence centers in place, but we never found the right tool to share knowledge efficiently. Now it's finally easy to share knowledge between departments


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No setup time

works with the tools you already use

No learning curve

integrates directly with your workflow

100% Compliant

We are fully GDPR & CCPA compliant

Connect all your existing knowledge sources

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