Sound familiar?

Digging through dozens of folders on different platforms, sending company-wide emails, chat messages, creating instantly outdated spreadsheets with references just to (try and) keep track of knowledge and information.

Our customers tried everything
before switching.
Nothing worked

The solution isn't people or processes, it's technology. uman is superpowered by AI and ML, and deeply understands your context, your search query and your content.
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More costly than you think, and it gets worse every day, and with every hire.

Recreating the same data, presentations, proposals
How much time does your team lose every day digging through countless folders, re-doing the same work?
Losing pitches
Ever lost a pitch because you had to rush your presentation starting from scratch when someone else had done something similar in the past?
Missing opportunities
How many up-sell opportunities does your team miss because they don't know if another business unit has done something similar in the past?
Losing new clients
How long do your clients have to wait for answers or proposals, and how does that impact their buying decision?
Long onboarding times
How long does it take for a new joiner to get up to speed with your offerings and past projects, and keep finding the right information and people?

Unlock your team's knowledge with
truly intelligent search

uman is superpowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to deeply understand your context, your search query and your content.

Find reference cases, pitch decks, proposals, documents and slides in seconds,
even internal experts on any topic, client or industry.
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Clients love uman.

Learn how customers use uman to win more deals, offer better service and build strong er products using uman.
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Learn how AI can enable all your consultants to become top performers.