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Get quick access to your expertise and start building winning proposals

Having to reinvent the wheel every time you build a proposal is a time-consuming and painful process. And constantly having to search for the right offers and references creates inefficient processes and leads to lower win rates and missed sales opportunities.

Just imagine how much you could achieve if your commercial teams had instant access to the latest and most relevant internal expertise.

Quality proposals could be built in hours, not days.

Get amazing results,
straight away

Teams use Uman to increase revenue, save time and cut costs - from day one.

Higher opportunity
More cross-sell opportunities identified
Increase in operational efficiency
2 weeks
Faster onboarding of new hires
Increase in employee satisfaction
Increase in customer satisfaction

Built for leaders in the professional service industry

Technology Services

help sales, pre-sales and bid teams to better differentiate and faster position, end-to-end solutions across BUs

Marketing Agencies

Help client service teams leverage your creations across labels, business lines and countries, to win more pitches faster

Management Consulting

Share knowledge among your consultants, build better proposals faster, onboard people quicker and increase your margins.

Ready to unlock your team's knowledge?

Go from no enablement to a fully operational search layer in less than one week.