Find company knowledge across your tools in seconds

Connect your tools and find everything your company knows about any topic, industry or client instantly. 

Find information, references, insights & experts across your systems in seconds

Connect your tools and create a single source of truth in your company. Give your team an efficient, verified and intelligent knowledge repository at their fingertips.

Get instant insights with intelligent knowledge panels

Just connect your tools. The uman AI assistant understands & structures your data from Teams, SharePoint, Drive and your CRM.
Discover internal experts, gain insights on any topic, client or industry in a single overview.

Find internal experts on any topic, client or industry

The system automatically recognizes internal experts based on the documents they collaborate on and share, allowing anyone in the organisation to quickly find the right expert. Users are always in control of their own profile, and decide what is shown.

Narrow down your search with intelligent filters

Filter on industry, slide type, language, clients mentioned, topics, author, source, and so much more. AI automatically detects these filters in your data. No need to manually tag anything - we live in the 21st century after all.

Find the verified building blocks  instantly

Build high quality content in record time by reusing the best slides and paragraph snippets that live across the organisation.

Find that one slide across all your presentations

Find the best slides from different presentations or use the AI assistant in PowerPoint and drag & drop relevant slides instantly. Build winning pitch decks in record time.

Find the best paragraph across all your documents

Search verified text snippets from all your past proposals, project briefs and other docs. Works as an add-in in Word. Build winning proposals in record time.

What our clients say.

Dennis De Cat

Customer Collective

With uman new joiners understand our company's context faster. It has speed up our onboarding significantly.

Sander Kloppenburg


The fact that I can instantly find everything we know about any topic, industry or client saves me hours weekly