Meet the uman
Sales Enablement Solution

Our solution is different. Why? Well, it involves artificial intelligence, easy workflows, powerful search and of course a big dose of your own style. We bring the right capabilities together to in one unique and customizable sales tool.

ask questions in natural language with umanGPT

UmanGPT powers natural language search & question answering on your own company knowledge, joined with various external sources. It allows the user to find all relevant information in natural language answers. More information is supplied via external links or documents.

Gather, centralize & manage your company offerings

The uman solution gathers all relevant company data and brings it together for the sales team to access and use. Structure your offerings, references & stories in one centralized space, available for matching it with the customer profiles you built & existing sales and marketing collateral.

Use customizable workflows to make life easier

The uman solution offers some standard workflows like "prepare a customer meeting", "create a proposal" or "answer customer questions". Doesn't fit you needs? We can create any custom flow for you, using our standard capabilities like chat, search, match customer challenges or build presentations.

All your marketing collateral centralized, ready for use

Connect all your existing drives and tools containing useful company knowledge to uman. This way the solution can organize, structure and bring the most relevant information to the surface whenever & wherever you're looking for it.

Build custom presentations with the help of AI

Don't reinvent the wheel! Stop wasting time on slides and other docs. Use the uman solution to create custom content without starting from scratch. UmanGPT can propose a first model using AI plus existing content and templates. You can continue building on that effortlessly.

Reuse verified building blocks instantly

Build high quality content in record time by reusing the best slides and paragraph snippets that live across the organisation.

High quality presentations, faster

Collect the best slides from different presentations or use the AI assistant in PowerPoint and drag & drop relevant slides instantly. Build winning pitch decks in record time.

AI assistant in Word & Docs

Copy verified text snippets from all your past proposals, project briefs and other docs. Works as an add-in in Word. Build winning proposals in record time.