Manage content quality, at scale

uman's AI assistant automatically groups together document versions & duplicates. Control content quality at scale, label one content item and the AI will automatically label all similar versions.

Global companies rely on uman to unlock the full potential of their sales team

Struggling to control information quality?

Duplicate versions, outdated templates and confidential information. As your organisation grows, manually controlling the spread of information becomes too complex. uman's AI helps you to take back control.

Create transparency on how content can be used

Let your team know how they can use each document, slide and even text paragraph. Add intuitive labels and leave a note to give additional context.

Control content quality at scale

Label one document, slide or paragraph and the AI assistant will automatically label all similar ones. Recommended information will show up at the top, so your team always starts from verified building blocks.

Control the spread of versions & duplicates

The AI assistant automatically recognises older and duplicate versions of the same document, slide and text paragraph based on layout and content.

What our clients say.

Dennis De Cat

Customer Collective

Everyone on the team now knows which information they can use when communicating with clients

Sander Kloppenburg


The consistency and quality of our proposals has increased significantly.