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Learn how consulting business of all sizes rely on uman to share knowledge effortlessly, reduce cost, increase sales efficiency, spot upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and grow faster.

Global companies rely on uman to unlock the full potential of their sales team

What our clients say about uman

Learn how sales teams of all sizes rely on uman to deliver a more efficient sales workflow.

Jens Bontynck

"With uman our sales team gets to do their work in a consistent way, with up to date and on-brand materials. The help they get from the AI for their daily work saves valuable time and increases time spent with clients."

6% higher win-rate for ML6

Dennis De Cat
Customer Collective

"Thanks to uman's innovative solution, we have experienced significant time savings in our sales process. It provides us with more relevant conversation starters & proposals. We now spend less time searching for information and more time engaging with our customers, leading to higher conversion rates and overall sales success."

3x more cross-sell opportunities across our portfolio of brands

Louis Lammertyn

"Our sales velocity has reached new heights because of the intelligent insights that allow us to get faster to the correct content. We get a deeper understanding of our customers, enabling us to tailor our approach and deliver personalized solutions."

Intelligent insights on the clients

Sander Kloppenburg
Kirkman Company

"Uman helps to get our internal sales and marketing content off the shelf very quickly and makes sure we have it quickly shareable and available. This enables our sales teams to come up with better proposals faster and thus help customers more efficiently."

Value delivered to customers has increased drastically