The future of knowledge management is here

The future is about accessible and open knowledge sharing. So you shouldn’t have to wait until the third “discovery” call to see the product. Here is a full product walkthrough by our CEO.

Find, use & share the
information & references
across your systems in seconds

Connect your tools and create a single source of truth in your company. Give your team an efficient, verified and intelligent content repository at their fingertips.
Get a quick overview of our solution below.

Find knowledge across your systems

Just connect your tools. The uman AI assistant understands & structures your data from Teams, SharePoint, Drive and your CRM.
Discover internal experts, gain insights on any topic and instantly find what you're looking for.
Save hours per week,  get up to speed faster and deliver your best work with complete information & references

Manage content quality at scale

uman's AI assistant automatically groups together document versions & duplicates. Control content quality at scale, label one content item and the AI will automatically label all similar versions. The recommended content will show up at the top, so your team always uses verified knowledge.

Reuse verified building blocks instantly

Build high quality content in record time by reusing the best slides and paragraph snippets that live across the organisation.

High quality presentations, faster

Collect the best slides from different presentations or use the AI assistant in PowerPoint and drag & drop relevant slides instantly. Build winning pitch decks in record time.

AI assistant in Word & Docs

Copy verified text snippets from all your past proposals, project briefs and other docs. Works as an add-in in Word. Build winning proposals in record time.

Fix permission silos and prevent unauthorized access

uman scans file permission settings in Teams, SharePoint and Drive and automatically identifies access risks in the form of exposed files. For every user, uman will also identify documents or folders that are siloed.

Spot knowledge gaps with in depth content analytics 

uman identifies gaps between content demand and availability, giving you the ability to quickly address any shortcomings and ensure the content is up to date.

The system recognizes top contributing team members and experts, allowing you to check on continued growth and learning within your organization.

Security at the core of everything we do

Learn how we keep your data safe

Deal Tracking - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Secure TLS conntection

The app can be accessed via HTTPS using a secure TLS connection.

Version 1.0 Launched - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Data sovereignty

Your data is never shared with other companies.

Career Growth - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Encrypted storage

Passwords and verification tokens are stored encrypted in our data system.

Series A Funded - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Penetration testing

We are undergoing regular penetration tests to assess risk posture and identify security issues.

Help & Support - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Principle of least privilege access

Oauth scopes allow fine-grained limited access control to the your data

AI Driven Sales - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Private first

Our machines are setup as a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and are not accessible via public networks.

Our clients can't imagine life without uman anymore

We asked our clients what it was like before they used uman. And how life has improved since. See what they have to say.

without uman

  • "We're constantly reinventing the wheel"

    We're slowly searching ourselves to death”

    “I have to chase colleagues every day to find something”

    “I see outdated materials being used in proposals”

    “weekend work to make the deadline

    "Our SharePoint is a trashcan


with uman

  • “I find all information in a couple of clicks

    “Everyone knows which information is up-to-date

    “I can easily reuse the best parts from old presentations”

    “I no longer have to send mails to all or wait for answers”

    “I know what the firm knows about any topic”

    "We don't need to know where our content sits"