How AI powerhouse ML6 successfully scaled their outbound sales process

ML6 is a machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) consulting company that accelerates customer value by building custom state-of-the-art solutions. Leveraging over 100 AI specialists and ML engineers across Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, ML6 is trusted by global players in the retail & e-commerce, manufacturing, media, healthcare, and financial services industries.

The challenge

Historically, the company's revenue was heavily reliant on a small pool of key accounts. This dependency became a critical risk factor when they experienced client churn as a result of economic downturns. To mitigate this risk and meet ambitious revenue goals, the company needed to revamp their business development strategy to significantly increase the rate of new client acquisition. ML6 explored two distinct prospecting methods before settling on a solution that leveraged artificial intelligence to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales outreach.

The high volume outbound approach, which involved the use of online lists and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, required minimal personalization and yielded an almost insignificant hit rate. Thanks to the high volume, the sales teams was still able to secure several meetings - but it was far from ideal.

Alternatively, the personalized and researched outreach strategy demanded an extensive time investment, but had an outstanding hit rate. Unfortunately, this method proved to be not scalable, which slowed down the sales team.

The solution

Yes, the latter sales method proved to be unscalable with their current sales enablement tools - but with uman, new opportunities unlocked. To overcome their sales challenges, ML6 implemented our uman prospecting module and made good use of the following two features:

1. Automated list building and stakeholder identification: Thanks to this feature, the ML6 sales team was able to create high-quality lead lists in no time, while the list mirrored the profiles of successful clients, pinpointed decision-makers and key stakeholders, and devised strategies for warm introductions.

2. Automated content generation: This module streamlined the generation of account research reports, highly personalized outbound emails, and well-researched phone scripts in multiple languages.

The results

The uman prospecting module was rapidly set up and integrated, achieving full operational capability in less than a week! This led to several benefits and advantages for ML6, including:

  • Preparation efficiency improved drastically, needing significantly less time to prepare a personalized multi-touchpoint outreach per account
  • The sales team achieved a consistent hit rate in outreach success
  • The average number of meetings per week increased, indicating higher engagement and interest from prospects
  • The cost of purchasing lead lists was eliminated, reducing overheads

Now, ML6 is able to mimic a high volume outbound approach, paired with personalization, leading to an overall successful outbound approach.

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