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Find out how msg global created more cross-sell opportunities

Msg global is a prominent IT services company that specializes in SAP solutions. Despite having over 100 clients and a strategic catalog of over 150 products and services, msg global faced challenges in achieving its revenue ambitions through cross-selling.

The German company had organically and externally built a strategic portfolio of products and services, expanding from its core finance offering to a broad spectrum of IT services.

However, the extensive portfolio was not marketed effectively, leading to suboptimal returns on investment. Msg global needed to create a unified revenue team, capable of effectively cross-selling in the market.

The challenge

Msg global encountered several challenges that blocked its cross-selling potential. The vast array of services and products was siloed across business units, making it difficult for the sales team to position them effectively. The rapid expansion of the service catalog put msg global in direct competition with other providers, moving them away from their sweet spot.

On top of that, sales content was scattered across SharePoint, leading to ad-hoc meetings and requests - which complicated the sales process even more! The support of product experts proved to be of great value to the sales team, but their time to provide said support was limited.

All these factors combined, made it so that msg global missed out on a lot of cross-sell opportunities. 

Our approach

To address this challenge, we focused on breaking down the silos between sales, marketing, and experts, as well as between different service lines. Our uman AI tool makes it almost effortless to do so. 

By letting every departement take the lead in their respective area of the go-to-market flow, everyone could leverage their expertise - while making sure they didn't need to do so again, and again, and again. By making sure product experts needed to give their input just once, efficiency increased, while sales benefited from this and had access to the latest and accurate information, always.

Uman automatically spotted cross-sell opportunities and other relevant offerings, based upon the data from the service catalog, similar client cases and external data. 

This approach also included locking in customers through end-to-end offerings and reducing the cost of sales by minimizing the need for product experts to join every sales interaction. This strategy was expected to save time in sales preparation and administration.

The results

Msg global benefited greatly from implementing uman. Sales teams were proactively reminded of relevant offerings, enabling them to position end-to-end solutions more effectively, generating additional revenue.

The offloading of solution experts in the pre-sales process led to fewer inquiries, and customer loyalty increased due to the comprehensive solutions provided. A true win-win situation!

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