Discover how Proximus succesfully integrated new IT services in their sales strategy

Proximus, a leading telecommunications company that operates internationally, faced a pivotal moment in its business trajectory. The organization recognized the need to evolve its sales strategy, so they could better leverage their comprehensive suite of IT services. While the sales team traditionally focused on telecom products, they now had to pivot  to a more diverse and complex portfolio - including a great array of new IT services. A critical shift for Proximus, if they wanted to stay competitive and meet its growth targets in the rapidly changing IT services landscape.

Alas, this shift wasn’t as easy to administer. That’s why they partnered with us! The uman tool is designed to support sales teams from A to Z during transitions like these. From account research through to the creation of compelling value propositions, our tool is designed to ensure a consistent and customer-centric selling process.

The challenge

Proximus encountered several challenges that hindered its sales team's performance and revenue growth:

1. Missed Cross-Sell Revenue: The sales team had limited capabilities in positioning the full range of services, leading to lost cross-sell opportunities.

2. Complex Portfolio Transition: Sales representatives found it difficult to adapt to selling a more versatile and complex array of IT services.

3. Technical Knowledge Gap: There was a lack of necessary technical knowledge within the team to understand and effectively position the new products and services.

4. Comfort Zone Selling: The complexity of customizing propositions resulted in the sales team reverting to familiar telecom products, thereby missing out on proactive sales opportunities.

Our approach

Proximus and uman worked closely together to tackle these challenges. We combined our powers and took the following steps:

  • ‍Collaborated closely with Proximus sales leadership to gain a deep understanding of their sales process and pinpoint areas where AI solutions could deliver value.
  • Streamlined the creation and management of marketing content, reducing the manual workload and supporting the successful launch of Proximus NXT. With NXT, they wanted to highlight their activities on the professional market for medium and large companies.
  • Conducted comprehensive training sessions for the sales team to facilitate the integration of the challenger sales methodology into their daily routines.

The results

Thanks to uman, Proximus was able to achieve significant advantages! 

  • We noted a significant improvement in win rates, thanks to the enhanced personalization and adherence to a structured sales methodology.
  • There was a notable increase in cross-selling activities, because the sales team was able to confidently position a broader range of IT services. 
  • Reduce produced marketing content, since they were able to find and reuse earlier created content quickly. This led to cost savings and a more efficient go-to-marketing strategy for new offerings.

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