Consultants and sales people of Threon use uman to effectively manage their internal knowledge and improve overall efficiency.

About Threon

Threon, with offices in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, is a leader in strategy execution. While growing the business for over 22 years, it has also expanded its expertises outside of its initial offering to consulting, delivery and training in the domain of portfolio, program and project management 

The year over year growth also required a regular change in organization to keep the wheels going. More and bigger teams also means more information being generated, used and stored. In this environment it is important that this plethora of knowledge is easily findable, accessible and instantly usable by all who need it. This challenge with the internal knowledge management, mainly in the capturing and sharing of information, has put some stress on the organization that needed to be resolved. 

The Challenge

In a constantly changing market with high customer demands and heavy competition, it was necessary for the team to access the right information quickly. This not only resulted in senior employees being frequently bombarded with questions, but also with much of the information being outdated or people re-inventing the wheel because they didn’t find what they were looking for. Just a handful of  experts with all history in hand is not very scalable. Neither was instating a series of Knowledge Domain Owners after that. Again, it was successful, but not very scalable in the growth strategy Threon had in mind to enlarge the business in customers and expertises while still maintaining the current quality in service. An upgrade in technology was needed to handle the knowledge management and make it future-proof. A solution that can scale the process of handling, categorizing and labeling internal documents and makes them available instantly.

The Solution

In comes the uman solution. Threon decided to work together with uman to address the challenges and implement the uman AI assistant to open the door to intelligent knowledge management. The platform connects most of the company resources available in MS Teams and Sharepoint. It makes all content easily accessible in an intelligent way. Think slides, slides and even more slides. The ability to reuse existing information after having located it, also eliminated the need for re-inventing the wheel. Now consultants are able to create reports, presentations, and workshop documents  in a more efficient manner, saving both time and resources. Additionally, there is an overall decrease in frustration as employees are able to find the information they need with ease.

Next to this, the implementation of uman's solution also led to extra benefits in the Threon sales process. The sales team is able to build proposals much faster and find the right information more quickly, leading to increased efficiency and a reduction of the presales cost. The company even sees a use for the uman solution in the onboarding process of new team members. They’re working closely together with the uman development team to see what other features might benefit them and with that also other customers. 

The Result

Jeroen, managing partner at Threon and responsible for internal products & solutions, is impressed with the results only a few months after the implementation. "We are extremely pleased with uman's AI assistant. It exceeds our expectations and we should have had it a long time ago," he said. The tool has greatly improved the internal processes and allowed them to continue delivering their clients' strategies effectively and efficiently. "The tool helps our consultants find what they need, not just what they were searching for," added Jeroen. 

In conclusion, uman provided Threon with the tool to effectively manage their internal knowledge and improve overall efficiency. With a better approach to knowledge management, Threon was able to streamline some of their processes and continue to deliver their clients' strategies. Threon is grateful for the positive impact that the AI assistant has on their business and they look forward to continued success with the tool.

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