Create winning proposals more efficient with the help of AI

You might be struggling with the same issues our customers' sales teams had before using uman's AI assistant.

  • Lack of efficiency in searching for cases and best practices
  • Difficulties in connecting internal experts to close deals
  • Losing momentum due to chasing and waiting for info
  • Quality issues due to outdated knowledge and assets

Finding the right information could be a long- winded process making them lose time and deals. Until uman came in.

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Improve your win-rates in no time with Uman’s featured capabilities

Higher opportunity
< 1 week
More cross-sell
opportunities identified
Faster onboarding of
new hires

Connect All Your Tools

Connect all your tools and access what you need when you need it. From Sharepoint Drives to CRMs and product catalogs. Our AI assistant makes it easy to find the information you need to create powerful sales proposals.

smart filters to find what you need
be relevant in every sales call

Be relevant in every sales call

No more racking your brain during customer calls. With an AI assistant, you can instantly access the information you need to answer customer questions. Get the answers you need in seconds and keep customers happy with accurate information.


Create Proposals Much Faster

Choose a tool that lets you create proposals much faster. Leverage your team's collective knowledge to create proposals that are comprehensive and get results. You don't have to re-invent the wheel - the AI assistant can do the heavy lifting for you.

create proposals much faster

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