Autopilot is here: everything you need to know about this update
June 30, 2024

Autopilot is here: everything you need to know about this update

Today, we're officially launching Autopilot. After months of user research and trying out different formats, we're finally ready to upgrade your uman experience. Thanks to Autopilot, uman will save you even more valuable time and show you insights you might otherwise have missed. 

In this 10 minute walkthrough, our CEO Charles tells you everything you need to know about this feature and shows you how it works (don't sweat it, it's actually reeeeeaaallly simple).

TL;DR kinda person? 

Don't worry, let us give you the fast track version. In this quick guide we'll go over the most important steps of the Autopilot update. 

If you want to generate sales assets, you'll notice a big difference with the previous version of uman. Now, uman will do more of the work for you, saving you time, while still giving you the insights and information you need.

When you go to your uman environment, you'll notice our sales AI now looks like this:

You can start by entering the name of the company you're meeting with. Uman will automatically make some smart suggestions, based on your previous entries, your client database and more. In this fictional case, we're an IT services company, having our first meeting with Umicore. You can select one of uman's suggestions, or add a new company. Then, click on 'Select Your Audience'.

After you've gone to the audience stage, uman will make some smart suggestions, again based on different sources of data. 

Then, you'll be able to select your prospects, either through the suggestions of uman, or by typing in the name(s) of the prospects yourself. After that, you can go to the next stage by clicking 'Add notes'. 

In the notes stage, you'll be able to add notes, or read previous notes you or your colleagues have written. Since this is our first meeting in this example, we don't have any notes yet. Click on 'Select Assets' to go to the next stage. 

That brings us to the last stage in the new Autopilot setting. Here you can select which assets uman should generate. You can either do so by scrolling through the entire template library, or make a selection based on deal stage, asset type or source. If you've added custom templates, you'll find them under your company name. (In this example, you see the name uman two times, since that is our company name of course). Click on 'Generate Assets' to make the magic happen!

The next few minutes, uman does the research to make sure it builds the best sales assets for you, based on both internal and external data. This process may take a few minutes - our little timer keeps track!

After uman is done, you can check out the assets in the uman app - yup, you no longer need to download them! On the right, you'll see all the assets you generated. If you're not satisfied with the output, the 'RegenerateThanks to the 'Export' button in the bottom right corner, you can still download them locally or upload them to your Google Drive or OneDrive. 

And that's it! Why not try the Autopilot update out right now?

Charles Boutens
CEO & Founder
June 30, 2024