Customer Collective

Customer Collective streamlined and scaled their Go To Market through acquisitions, organizing their knowledge management with uman.

About Customer Collective

Customer Collective is a group of consulting and marketing experts helping clients achieve full customer ownership. It currently consists of five entities: The House of Marketing, Upthrust, Grava, Dignify, Fightclub and addData.

The challenge

Customer Collective has enjoyed rapid growth through acquisitions, now boasting more than 300 employees across four countries. This growth has led to a disconnect between the different companies operating under the Customer Collective banner. Each entity has its own way of working, tooling, and level of knowledge-sharing.

Finding information was becoming a major bottleneck for efficient growth - sales cycles were taking too long, senior personnel were becoming overwhelmed, and the onboarding of new employees was inefficient. Internal tools were not allowing for the discovery and sharing of essential information.

The objective

  • To increase cross-sell opportunities across Customer Collective’s different entities
  • Stop people from reinventing the wheel
  • Empower knowledge-sharing across Customer Collective without hurting the individual DNA of each company

Customer Collective required an intelligent search layer. One that wasn't “yet another tool,” and allowed each company to keep working in the same way. This intelligent search layer had to be able to solve different business-critical search use cases, allowing individuals to search by client, project, deliverable, sector, industry, topic, or expertise. In short, what Customer Collective needed was uman.

The solution

Uman connected with Customer Collective’s internal tools - SharePoint, MS Teams, and Salesforce CRM - and offered an intelligent search layer to revamp these existing tools and information systems. We started with a small proof of concept, connected with Customer Collective’s toolset, and showed that our solution was more relevant for solving search use cases.

The results

By partnering with uman, Customer Collective was able to achieve a scalable knowledge-sharing culture across the entire organization. Every consultant and salesperson suddenly had full visibility.

  • Cross-sell opportunities increased by 85%
  • Time to answer proposals was reduced by 25%
  • Opportunity win rates increased by 4%
  • Onboarding of new people reduced by two weeks
higher win-rates
more cross sell opportunities
2 weeks
faster onboarding
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