Kirkman Company

Find out how the Kirkman teams quickly make better proposals and resolve customer issues efficiently and faster than ever.

About Kirkman

Kirkman ensures the successful transformations of public and private organizations. Whether it concerns the challenges of today or the opportunities of tomorrow, within a department or for the organization as a whole. They aim towards 100% relevance for all stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, environment, society and shareholders. Because it can always be done better or because it sometimes has to be done differently.

The Challenge

Storing and accessing knowledge is a crucial aspect for consultancy firms, but can also pose a challenge. The fragmented data and documents made finding information difficult for employees. The COVID-19 pandemic intensified the need for more efficient knowledge sharing, as physical interaction was limited. The organization faced issues with securing and sharing knowledge, leading to reinventing the wheel and causing a delay in finding relevant information. The knowledge was also primarily stored in employees' heads, resulting in a dependency on a few colleagues for information retrieval.

The Objective

  • Increase efficiency of the 80 consultants
  • Deliver consistency in the quality of deliverables
  • Achieve more accurate project scoping
  • Stop people from reinventing the wheel
  • Empower knowledge-sharing and collaboration

The aim is to set up a platform that can quickly surface relevant knowledge and allows for efficient customer assistance.

The Solution

The 80 consultants at Kirkman Company are now avid users of the uman AI solution. They use the knowledge management assistant to be more efficient and effective in their work. The platform provides access to the valuable knowledge and experience gained from the hundreds of projects Kirkman has completed over its 20+ year history, including studies, quotes, best practices, and methodologies. This information can be used for current and future projects as well as for the professional development of the consultants.

Sander Kloppenburg, Data Experience Ledaer at Kirkman Company states: "Uman helps us get our internal knowledge off the shelf very quickly and make sure we have that quickly shareable and available. This enables our teams to come up with better proposals and elaborations on customer issues faster and thus help customers more efficiently. The best thing about Uman is that now the top contributors are also coming to the surface and we can see which knowledge and expertise is used and applied the most and therefore valuable for our customers".

Global companies rely on uman to unlock the full potential of their sales team