5 reasons why your company needs to invest in Sales Enablement
May 1, 2023

5 reasons why your company needs to invest in Sales Enablement

What do we understand as Sales Enablement?

A lot has been said about sales enablement in the past 10 years. We see it mainly as the benefits you get out of it, then just a set of tools you get pushed upon you.

So, what is the standard definition? In short, it’s a solution or set of solutions that improves the ability of a sales team to go to market. It helps them be more efficient and effective.

However, we love to look at it more through the jobs to be done within a sales team. How do you create the best proposals, talk with your customers, train your team, improve customer satisfaction and finally, differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Let me tell you in detail the main 5 reasons I think you need to get yourself a sales enablement strategy as soon as possible.

1. It increases the productivity of your sales team

We seldom speak of the productivity of our sales team, but, just like the rest of the workforce, they are also in creation mode every moment of the day. Proposals, presentations, emails, …

When you invest in sales enablement, you're investing in your sales team's productivity. Salespeople are more effective and efficient when they have access to the right tools and knowledge at the right time. It should provide them with the resources they need to succeed, such as:

• An easy way to find back existing company knowledge,

• A accessible library full of best practices, tips and tricks from experts, customer case studies and more,

• Regular training sessions on new products/services/technologies.

2. It builds talent within your business

Isn’t it the job of HR or the team leads to make sure their teams are trained and up to date with the latest information? Sure, but wouldn’t it be better to supplement these people’s effort with a solution that is available any time of day?

Sales Enablement is one of the best ways to build a better sales team. It improves the quality of your sales team, increases retention and productivity, and makes them more effective at what they do.

Finding your way is an essential part of onboarding, so your people clearly understand what the company is about, how it provides highly competitive value to a specific audience, and how it differentiates itself from other consulting firms on the market.

3. It unlocks new revenue opportunities

It does! Trust me! A decent sales enablement strategy will help you find new business within and without your company.

The power of the tool lies in its ability to help you understand your customers better, your competitors better, and most importantly: yourself better. This knowledge can then be used to create better proposals or even new products or services.

Imagine a solution that digs through your company’s knowledge with the help of AI and then lets you build the perfect proposals or presentations instantly. It exists and has proven its use in winning valuable time. All the cross-sell opportunities that pop up now your teams don’t have any silos to contend with anymore.  

4. It helps you differentiate from the competition

One of the most important reasons to get started with sales enablement is that it helps you differentiate yourself from the competition.

• You can better help your customers. By providing more value, you'll make them more loyal and keep them coming back for more. This leads to increased sales over time as well as an increase in referrals (which is one of the best ways to grow we heard).

• You're more competitive: With better proposals, more cross-sell and just better marketing tactics than your competitors', people will choose you over them when making a purchase decision because they know they'll get a better experience with what they're buying from you than if they went somewhere else.

• Your efficiency will improve: If your sales team knows where to find the right information and use it productively, then there's no way something can slip through the cracks anymore!

5. It improves customer satisfaction

Sales enablement helps to improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with the information they need to make better buying decisions. This can be in the form of the perfect proposal, extra content, reference or even workshops that help them understand your products and services better.

The result? A more satisfied client who will be less likely to churn out because he/she understands how things work all too well now!

The benefits of sales enablement are innumerable and well worth your time.

I say innumerable, but why did I then only give you 5 reasons? Well, I invite you to find out the rest for yourself by getting your hands on a decent tool like the uman AI assistant.

If you're looking to make your sales team more productive and efficient, then there's no better way than investing in a well-rounded system that helps them close more deals. Sales enablement can also be used as a tool for building talent within your business by providing training opportunities for new hires or veterans who want to advance their careers. In addition, it unlocks new revenue opportunities by helping companies discover untapped markets or find new ways of reaching existing customers through innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

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Bart Roofthooft
Head of Marketing
May 1, 2023