Why workflow-driven sales tools are the future
May 16, 2023

Why workflow-driven sales tools are the future

In this maze of tools, sales teams are increasingly adopting workflow-driven sales enablement solutions to help them do their job more efficiently.

What makes these workflow solutions so successful? They offer a seamless user experience and significantly enhance productivity. Add some AI to the mix and you’ve got the ultimate sales assistant in your hands. In this blogpost, we'll explain why these tools will revolutionize your sales process.

Sales teams are increasingly adopting workflow-driven sales enablement solutions to help them do their job more efficiently

If you look at sales enablement as a set of tools and processes that enable salespeople to sell more effectively, the benefits are mostly clear -the issues however, a bit less. For example, your sales team gets easy access to a broader set of content to work with. On the other hand, they can quickly hit an overload if this data is not managed well.

Moving from standard sales enablement solutions to the workflow-driven kind might be the solution. The main reason why they’re so popular is their ease of use, low entry barrier and a good user experience that helps increase productivity.

A workflow-driven app, such as luman, is easier to use than the more standard ones that require technical skills or special training. You don’t have to hire an expensive consultant or have to spend a lot of implementation time - which saves you a lot of money. On top of this, there are no long onboarding processes or complicated tutorials.

With the use of an intelligent workflow, connections to existing data and a smart AI assistant to help, users can navigate through all client data, company offerings and marketing collateral with ease - even if they're new to the firm!

Sales enablement workflow solutions save time, money and headaches for sales teams so they can focus on selling

Imagine being able to win hours of time building pitch decks, proposals or even meeting preparations. It gives salespeople the chance to spend more valuable time with customers so they can better map their needs. Feeding these back into the sales process will give them an even better output with an even higher chance of closing deals!

Another benefit is that these tools allow your team members to spend less time on manual administrative tasks like gathering information, finding, and assembling content. Instead of doing this tedious work themselves, they can use their valuable time elsewhere.

The reduced cost of implementing these solutions means they're accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets

With the arrival of so many new sales enablement vendors and the implementation of AI, the cost of implementation is much lower than the large traditional sales enablement tools. Additionally, since these tools are designed for automation, the time it takes for you to train your team on how to use them will be significantly reduced from what it would take with other types of technology.

Workflow-driven sales enablement solutions are the future!

Workflow-driven sales enablement solutions are here to stay. They're easy to use, have a low barrier, create a good user experience and help increase productivity. In addition, they save time, money and headaches for sales teams. The benefits are clear.

It's all about efficiency! Sales teams can now spend more time with customers instead of spending hours searching through documents or emails to find the right information at the right time in order to support them throughout their buying journey.

Charles Boutens
CEO & Founder
May 16, 2023