So, we created the AI assistant for consultancy firms. What now?
February 7, 2023

So, we created the AI assistant for consultancy firms. What now?

There's a lot of talk about artificial intelligence these days. We did AI before it was cool. I know, I know, that’s easy to say now, and it doesn’t really matter anyway. (but it’s still true, nah 😊)

Anyway, we’ve built this amazing AI assistant which can make your life easier when you’re working in a consulting firm or agency. Let’s explore how an AI-powered knowledge management solution can help you improve business processes and workflows, while saving time and money.

AI systems are already in use by many companies, some of them our customers (Go uman!). The solutions are getting better and better every day. Partly because of technological advances, but also because of how and by whom they are used every day. Our customers have embraced the uman AI assistant and couldn’t live without it. (Figuratively speaking of course)

Why did we build an AI-powered knowledge management system for consultants?

We noticed that consulting firms spend a great deal of both money and time on knowledge management. This is not only expensive, but it also takes away from time that could be used for more critical purposes, like client contact and projects.

There's an opportunity to solve this problem with a real AI solution handling knowledge management. It automatically categorizes and labels internal documents and makes them available instantly. Your consultant and sales teams have more time to focus on client work, personal development, or just having fun.

From our experience working at consulting firms, we knew there was demand for such an app among consultants themselves, so we just got down to it and built one.

What would happen when it’s successfully used? For one thing, it grows your business, you're able to handle more clients and projects and in the end it means more revenue for the company.

Next to this we give companies valuable insights in how people use the internal knowledge, workflows, and processes. Insights that can help them adapt these for the future. They know exactly what the users need or when they become overwhelmed by information overload.

So what's our market?

This kind of intelligent knowledge management system is so powerful, yet so customizable, that it could make sense for any industry. There are many fields where unlocking and organizing your company knowledge would make things easier for everyone. Just thinking of doctors, lawyers, teachers or even marketeers!

We're not the first to develop an AI assistant like this, but we feel we’re the first to take it one step further, beyond mere search. We also make the information usable and provide the tools to be productive with it. And we focus on consultants. Small but interesting market. There are several companies that have created products in this space, but just watch how we do it!

Our focus on companies like consulting firms and agencies also helps them with the exact features they need, right on target. Our target companies tend to have larger teams, working in silos across multiple industries. They have a lot of important resources available all over the place, which can make it hard to find the right info when needed. Leading to re-inventing the wheel and losing time.

What are our goals?

Our goal (and the goal of the uman solution) is to make it easy to:

·         Connect all your internal existing tools & solutions.

·         Find the right information at the right time, no matter where it is.

·         For consultants and sales teams to focus on what they do best.

·         Integrate all this into existing workflows and processes.

So it's not just about automating tasks; it's also about bringing together information from various sources and presenting it as a single source of truth to the users.

Our goal is to make the lives of consultants easier by giving them back some time so they can get more billable work done each day--and we've seen great results! We want the tool to understand their workflow, the tasks they need help with. It should be to find them what they need, not just what they’re searching for.

What does success look like for us?

Your success is our success! We help thousands of consultants save time and money. It will help them get more done, be more productive and efficient. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved: the consultant gets access to a tool that can help them do their job better, the company can save time and money, and we're helping to build something that could change the face of business forever! (and make some money in the process 😊)

The time saved by the AI assistant is money earned. The more time you spend on billable work, the more money you make. If you spend less time on things like research and scheduling meetings and preparing presentations, it means that your firm can take on more clients or charge higher fees. The value of this can be huge: a 10% increase in revenue could mean an additional $1 million in profits over a year!

That's not all though--the time savings also have benefits besides increased profits and productivity. By freeing up consultants' schedules so they can focus on doing what they do best (i.e., their jobs), it will help them feel happier at work since they don't have to worry about those other tasks anymore!

Existing uman customers in the consulting industry are already very excited.

We're very excited to share that we already have a nice set of existing customers in the consulting industry working with the solution and loving it. Best thing is they’re also helping us refine the tool!

The real benefit of working closely with customers like we do, is that they have a unique perspective on the solution and help us understand the target group better. They’re an important source of feedback and validation in the continued development of our AI assistant. Go customer insights!

How do we get it out there?

Now we have the solution, the positioning and already some happy customers, we should get it out there for anyone to see. Let’s use all resources at our disposal to generate interest in the product. To start, let’s write some blog posts to get the conversation going . Et voila!

Did we catch your attention yet?

You got the message? The uman AI assistant knows what information a consultant in a specific situation needs to know and brings it together from various sources. Consequently it gives the possibility to use the information and save time and money. We know what you need! Do you?

Get a demonstration today of your future AI assistant!

Bart Roofthooft
Head of Marketing
February 7, 2023